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egypt knew the reasons of the shram sharks attacks so the sharks will not return
an american team of specialists in sharks
set a report to governer of sharm el sheikh
the report said it is two reasons makes sharm sharks do that behaviour
1 -The dumping of the waste food and dead animals is the most important causes of the crisis which attracted sharks to sharm el sheikh {jordanian ship dumped its all load of sheeps in red sea}
2 - overfishing in the region led to a scarcity of fish, especially the "tuna", which is fed by the shark
sharm el sheikh opened her resorts to the tourists from all the world and you can now enjoy with the sea and do all your favorite activities in the sea you will have all protection
and you will enjoy by your christmas in sharm el sheikh without sharks

تابع نجوم مصرية على أخبار جوجل

تابع نجوم مصرية على تطبيق نبض الإخباري

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