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As a site get revenue and earnings, the ones who deserve these money are the members who post the content on this site.
Here on we managed to apply a revenue sharing program based on Google Adsense.
The member who posts a new thread (post) gets 80% or revenue of adsense published on this particular thread (post).
The administration gets the remaining 20%.

So, What is special about amoung other adsense revenue sharing sites?

1- is not a new site, it is a 4 years old site, yet with a new domain name, however our site is mainly in Arabic lanuage, but after the success of the revenue sharing system in middle east (now our third year in adsense revenue sharing in Arabic), we now target more international people to work with us.
2- Good SEO team, we got here some experts in the field of search engine optimization, you will see your self.
3- Our forum do not allow any copied content, your posts must to be original not copied or automatically translated, this is one of our SEO team rules, it is also needed to confirm not to violate anyone's copyright.
4- You can post about anything, sports, health, news, web development or even your diaries! just keep it genuine content.
تابع نجوم مصرية على أخبار جوجل

5- We got many tools you would like: posting flash (e.g Online flash games), youtube embed, SEO your threads and social sharing, author picture in Google search results, your links in copied content, using alt for images, using H1, H2 and H3 tags and a lot more you well discover while posting.
6- Our Facebook page is dedicated to our members.
7- Our site is on a Dedicated server.

How to know exactly my earnings from

1- Log on to your AdSense account.
2- Go to Performance and reports.
3- Select "sites", will show.

How to start? How to use Adsense Revenue Sharing on

First of all you have to have an Adsense account, activated, and is from your allowed sites to show ads (if you use Sites authorized to show adsoption in your adsense account settings.
1-Register a new account on
as the site is mainly in Arabic please follow instructions in the image below :

alternatively you can register using our facebook app in English Here.

2- Go to your profile edit page : Click Here.
3- Scroll down, add your Pub-ID as a whole like this : pub-1234567891011, as our site is in arabic, just use this feature as shown in picture
[ALT="Adsense Revenue Sharing on"][/ALT]
more information about author info in search results (Google plus
account number) could be found here

4- Add a new thread from Here, please bookmark this thread to help you at any point.
Just like that, you will get 80% of revenue on your threads.

Important to remember :
1- As you are logged in, your ads will not to show, to confirm you have followed the steps correctly, log out and see your ads appearing in 80% of cases.
2- All new threads needs moderation, so your thread will wait 2 hours at maximum to be posted, that is to ensure no new adsense dummy will make a violation that we all regret !

How to contact directly to administrators and moderators?

Even if you have a suggestion or a feed back, you are very welcome in Facebook group for Adsense Revenue sharing on

تابع نجوم مصرية على أخبار جوجل

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