Totally FORBIDDEN To copy any text also MUST read thread before writing

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This forum and all forums under (100FM6 in other languages) category are subjected to very strict moderation so please follow these rules before posting :
تابع نجوم مصرية على أخبار جوجل

1- Do NOT copy a sentence from any other website, write all your content by your own, Even if translated , write your "pre-translated" article by your own.

2- Do not post any material that may violate somebody's else copyright

3- Do not post short useless threads

4- If you do not fully understand these rules, please never post threads in this forum

For any body who violate these terms, we should BAN him/ her directly without warning even if posts we waiting moderation and not published.

Best Wishes,

تابع نجوم مصرية على أخبار جوجل

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Thanks A lot
دموع تبتسم
thank you very much
Thank youuuuu
thank you very much


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