Best tourist places you can visit in Egypt

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-Egypt is one of the leading tourist attractions points between countries in the world because of its multiple tourist treasures,

And the most important is the cultural which where the ancient civilizations pronounce what it was the nations

whos constructed those civilizations since the dawn of history.

-God gave Egypt distinctive in her nature impressed hearts and eyes.

-Egypt beauty extends to decoration her white and red sea coasts , And dive deep into Upper Egypt and spreads in her

deserts and its will be his best memmory of life .

-Egypt genius of the place , Egypt is well know in all historical civilizations ( Greek-Pharaonic-Roman-Islamic )

-Egypt has the most unique attractive spots for tourism.

-And with all these enormous ingredients Egypt got well developed infrastructure and modern facilities and all

needs for high-end toursit services from awide range of the most luxurious international hotels to transportation

network air,land and sea and river , To communication facilities and tourist Guidance Centers makes tourist visit to Egypt

no matter what was his goal or purpose of visit full of fun and excitement and interest.

-The majority of tourists who are visiting Egypt only chooses cairo and they think Cairo is the only place that's worth to visit in Egypt

and take a picture of Egypt through Cairo , But this is not true .. There is a great tourist cities Egypt beside Cairo

and everyone can go to it and enjoy it .

Now ill show you some of the most attractive cities and tourism sites in Egypt :

1.Porto Marina :

It's a new city on the Mediterranean Between it and Alexandria just 100 kilometers only and itsFilled with luxury restaurants,

And cafes overlooking the sea and international hotels and largest Yacht port in Africa it features a 1400 yacht for Rent.

You can hire yacht Hourly and wander as you wish in the Mediterranean.

2.El Gouna :

It is an city close to Hurghada Located about 20 kilometers only , Wonderful city by all standards and cheap prices unexpectedly.

3.Sharm El-Shaikh : (BBC) channel selected as the fourth most beautiful city in the world in 2005,

Includes global resorts up to 7 Star , its on of the most important destinations for most famed world figures.

-Sharm el-Sheikh is located on the Red Sea , And got several bays of great beauty ,

When you are there you will feel like you are moved to the Sicily Island or one of Europe Islands ,There Naama Bay which The French called: Hanzelsais Sharm el-Sheikh.

and its ea distinctive dark blue which makes it prefect for Diving .

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