Dozens dead process hostage-taking attacks in Paris

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The deaths of nearly 100 people, the process of hostage-taking in a theater in Paris, France, on Friday evening, while at least 40 people were killed in simultaneous attacks elsewhere in the capital, an official announced the Paris Municipality Council.

The gunmen seized hundreds of pioneers Pataklan theater in the French capital, before police stormed the place and end the detention operation killed more than 100 people in addition to the attackers.

Bombers and gunmen also attacked restaurants and bars crowded hall music in different places in Paris on Friday evening, killing dozens.

In addition to the shootings near a restaurant in Paris, Reuters has reported that at least two explosions occurred near the Stade de France football.

On the other hand, the police and the municipality of Paris called on citizens not to get out of their homes unless absolutely necessary, also appealed to social institutions not to hold celebrations in the open air.

A source said, that the Paris attacks took place in seven different locations, while the Reuters witness said that he heard the sounds of explosions near 5 Pataklan Center in Paris.

French President Francois Hollande and interior minister rushed to the headquarters of the Ministry of Interior to follow up news about the attacks and formed a crisis cell, and declared a state of emergency in the country.
A series of explosions that killed 60 people and wounded 60 others, on Friday evening. The first attack in Saint-Denis Stadium, and the second in the hall for display in Pataklan area, and the third has targeted a restaurant east of the capital.

Police imposed a security cordon in the vicinity of the places that witnessed these incidents were sent to ambulance teams .

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