Hillary Clinton The best candidate for the Arabs

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Candidate of the United States of America

At he served as US Secretary of the sixty-seventh, in the era of President Barack Obama in the period since 2009 and until 2013 .

now he Candidate of the United States of America

hillary clinton vs donald trump orlando

For the Middle East inflamed and to a lot of Arab states that live on a volcano chaos destructive, there is concern, in the aggregate, because the dynamics of the US presidential race and approaches Clinton and Trump for the region is not indicative indicators of positive development is settled, compared with the states of Barack Obama

The conflict will be harsh Igelbh personalization and Review on the ideological background of the "isolationist" Trump, who wants America's fortress, and focuses on restoring its greatness according to its criteria, and between the political Clinton veteran and the first woman that link to this race and knows very well the importance of foreign policy and the risks of the reluctance of Washington to shoulder its responsibilities to international crises. Of course, whoever wins it will be governed by a game of institutions and pressure groups of all kinds

The American people

The American people will choose the president and not the Arabs and non-Arabs have a direct relationship with this option, but the result of the elections will guide us to an America that concern us and concern us. Obama uttered without equivocation, "the United States is the most powerful nation in the world. Point on the line, "but more importantly, be seen by the world as well, and that justice by force and respect for the interests of others are linked because" the lack of security in the world will deepen the differences between social classes and religious groups, and would unite extremists in large-scale networks in parts of Africa, the Arab world and parts of Asia. " And because "the competition between the United States, China and Russia will increase, which increases the risk of future confrontations

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