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-No doubts , everyone of us wants a young skin shines shade and health , And never hesitate to use skin care creams,

Especially supported ones with antioxidants that are healthy elements which helps to protect the skin

from damage and premature aging.

-Interestingly in this subject that these antioxidants extracted from the foods we eat every day!

-Where there are antioxidants :

Available in abundance in ( fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts, Mussels, red grapes, berries, pomegranate, apple,

Tomatoes, green leafy vegetables ) All very rich sources of antioxidants also green tea.

Coffee also contains the antioxidant benefits, And proven by researches thats

3-5 cups of coffee per day contributes 60% of the total amount of antioxidant intake rate per day.

-Antioxidants and how they work:

The antioxidants found in food are vitamins A, C, E , Selenium, Lycopenes, polyphenols and flavanoids.

These natural elements help to maintain the health of our bodies and younth and protect them from damage,

Whenever the amount of antioxidants increased whenever the healthy cells of the body.

-How Antioxidants help to protect the skin :

1. It fighting the free radicals : Free Radicals are harmful substances to the body's cells, including skin cells, leading to accelerate aging.

In our daily lives, we are exposed to pollution and UV excess of these harmful effects on the skin,

Here comes the importance of anti-oxidants that may help protect the body from these free radicals.

2.Its may improve effect of other antioxidants in the body :

Phenols the main type of antioxidants in coffee May have a role in mitigating the damage to cells caused by oxidation,

It may also help to activate other antioxidants in the body Especially vitamin E and thus may provide more protection than the body and skin cells.

- Some tips to help you get a healthy and supple skin :

1.Eating vegetables and fruits in abundance and regularity as an essential part in your diet.

2.Drink 8 glasses of water a day at least.

3.Clean your skin daily to remove dust and contaminants.

4.Moist skin daily using skincare.

5.Use a sunscreen "SPF" rays to protect your skin from UV harmful.

6.A healthy lifestyle and stay away from smoking .

7.And splendid than that, Enjoy a warm cup of coffee flavor smooth.

When it's your appointment with a cup of coffee, you can relax, because you know that coffee benefits of anti-oxidants

may offer you more than just a smooth and lively flavor breakthrough in the day.

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