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In case you did not notice it in search results many of our publishers threads appear in search results with the photo of the publisher beside search result, like this :
[ALT="Author photo in search results"][/ALT]

This can be done by very simple steps :
1- Sign in to Google Plus and upload your personal image, make sure the image is yours and it is a head shot, that clearly identifies your face.
2- Click here and enter your e-mail adress and confirm.
3- Now go to your profile on from Here, and add the number of your Google plus profile, as shown in the picture :

if your Google profile is like :
then the number needed to be in your profile is only : 112506172258975869115
4- Go to and add as a site you contribute in.
5- +1 your threads on

That's it!


تابع نجوم مصرية على أخبار جوجل

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